Developing a new recognition program doesn’t have to be complicated.

First, we’ll listen to what is important to you and your organization, and find out what’s worked for you in the past and what you’d like to do differently. We’ll gain insight into your employee base and what you envision working best for notification and distribution process.

Once we understand where you’re coming from, we’ll put together a proposal outlining our recommendations. If you like what you see, we’ll do a bit of back and forth to fine-tune the details and have your program up and running within a few short weeks of your approval.

No contracts are required-we generally operate within the old-fashioned, business-on-a-handshake model. With over 15 years of experience as a recognition program service provider, we can cut through the confusion and help you make sense of it all. It's recognition, not rocket science!

Career Milestones, Retirement, Safety, Performance - what will the focus of the program be? Tiered or Points-based? What about budget? How often and in what manner do we recognize? How should we launch the new program? We can help determine the focus, structure and process best suited to your organization.
Celebrate your people and their achievements with our Dynamis web-based communication package. Theme based designs integrate seamlessly with your vision, values and brand. Communicate details about eligiblity, events,fulfillment schedule and more in a user-friendly format.
AWARDS collection
Engage your employees with our evolving collection of name-brand awards including Bose, Samsonite, Fossil, TomTom, Le Creuset Henckels, FitBit and more. We follow current trends, and ensure the latest models and styles are offered. Discontinued items are replaced on an ongoing basis so your employees receive what they order.
Our complete menu of administrative support services is available to help with all aspects of the program from notification and fulfillment to real-time reporting on our Ideasource Client Portal. Practical innovations like reminder notices, manager emails and our online RSVP service support and streamline the process.
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